Enolt is a New Zealand-based designer and manufacturer of high-quality LED luminaires. Our factory is located in Christchurch with a team of hard-working Kiwis who all contribute to our local economy.
We want to help all potential customers have a better understanding of the products we make and our New Zealand manufacturing processes. This page aims to address some frequently asked questions.  

Are your lights made in New Zealand?
After completing our product design and prototyping we carry out a manufacturing process on a number of base components sourced from local and offshore suppliers.  We use an automated assembly line to manufacture LED chips into completed PCB modules, cut and fold sheet metal, machine specialised plastic sheets into end-caps and build a final product that is valued by Kiwis all over New Zealand.

If all the parts don’t come from New Zealand, isn’t it just assembly?
No. We use an assembly line as part of our production process. Before we get to that point we have to manufacture particular parts from base components, as highlighted above, as well as perform works on specific components before final assembly.

Are your products covered by a New Zealand warranty?
Absolutely. Enolt is a 100% New Zealand-owned and based company. All warranty and service cases are handled in our Christchurch factory by our Kiwi team. 

We unconditionally guarantee that if you buy one of our LED luminaires it will be manufactured here in New Zealand from local and imported parts and will be of the highest quality. We further guarantee that in the unlikely event of a failure, we will fix the problem without additional freight costs and we will fix it quickly.

I have more questions, what can I do?
As always, our friendly Kiwi team would love to address any questions or concerns that haven’t been addressed here. Please visit the Contact Us page on our website to submit a support ticket.